Hello! My name is Anastasia Kozhukhova. I am native-speaking English to Russian Linguist with a tight and amicable team of Russian language Translators, Prooferaders and Copywriters.

Combining our linguistic skills with professional background in Marketing and Mobile Apps allows us to provide premium quality translations of app descriptions and in-app texts preserving the user experience and marketing flavour you want to achieve.

Why Top Localization Companies Work with Us

All Russian Linguistic Services in One Place

All Russian Linguistic Services in One Place

  • Tight and amicable team consisting of professional Russian native-speaking Translators, Proofreaders and Copywriters.
  • Partnership with Marketing Specialists in Russia.
All Russian Linguistic Services in One Place

Someone to Rely on for Rush Updates

  • You will get immediate response to urgent assignments as we know that apps are often updated.
  • We do not mind small requests, even if you need translation of just several strings.
No Worries about Technical Issues

No Worries about Technical Issues

  • Your code and tags will be preserved unchanged during the translation.
  • We study screenshots and style guides to provide correct translation of every button and element of the UI.
Peace of Mind about User Experience and Marketing Effect

Peace of Mind about User Experience and Marketing Effect

  • We pay close attention to user experience, so that your app marketing descriptions have the flavor you want to achieve on the Russian market.
  • We do our best to produce translations bringing 5-star ratings to the mobile apps.
Thorough Research prior to Translation

Thorough Research prior to Translation

  • We familiarize ourselves with your app or product to provide consistent style of translations.
  • We study user expectations, so that your texts gain maximum visibility and high conversion on the Russian market.
Working with Residents of Your Target Market

Working with Residents of Your Target Market

  • As we reside in Russia and are native speakers of Russian, we know the target market and user preferences from inside out.
  • You may be sure that the desired persuasive effect of your message will be preserved in the translation.

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Loyal Customers from 15 Countries the World

Juan Castaneda,
Software QA Analyst,
San Francisco

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Anastasia Kozhukhova. She is a highly accomplished translator whose skills and expertise lie in having an intricate knowledge and keen understanding of the Russian and European marketplace. Anastasia has been of invaluable help sharing best trade practices and marketing approaches tailored for a very diverse Russian-speaking market. I relish working with Anastasia because she displays a cultural sensitivity and fluency that is rare in a translator.

Barrett Ross,
Transatlantic Translations,
New York

I have worked with Anastasia on a variety of translation projects for more than 2 years now. During this time she has consistently delivered outstanding work. She is very detailed-oriented and always meets or exceeds deadlines, and, of equal importance, she is very responsive to queries. In short, I highly recommend her translation services.


Anastasia was professional and prompt, delivering high quality work that fitted the brief within the deadline. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a translator.

Irina Prokopova,
St. Petersburg

Anastasia is a highly organized Translator, accurate to detail and very proactive. I will definitely work with her again.

Evgeny Golosov,

AppTurbo is a leading app discovery application providing a unique mobile marketing service for iOS. We cooperate with Anastasia Kozhukhova on a regular basis as we need text translations for new applications every day. The translation of app descriptions can be very tricky as each phrase needs to be catchy. We're pleased to be working with Anastasia because she has proven herself to be a true professional, always punctual and in possession of a fine, elegant style.

Evita Vitola,

I would like to mention Anastasia’s responsiveness. I have never had to wait for answer for more than an hour. I find it cruciak in the translation industry and appreciate it a lot. Anastasia has a great work ethic and performed her duties reliably and honourably.

Iryna Kozlica,

Anastasia is a very committed and reliable translator. She is easy to work with and I am always satisfied with our collaboration, because I received high-quality translation even before the deadline. Besides, she is a very good communicator. So, if you need professional translation services, do not hesitate to apply to her.

Angie Antonopoulou,

I had the pleasure of working directly with Anastasia during a large website translation project (Tourism/Marketing field) of about 600 pages. She agreed to undertake the project and proved to be a very reliable and high-quality translation services provider. Even though the deadline was tight for such a large project, Anastasia got a clear understanding of our situation and managed to submit the translation ahead of the scheduled deadline.

Aida Martirosyan,

Anastasia was very cooperative, easy to communicate and she was always listening to client opinion and comments carefully. Consistent in her work.

Olga Arakelyan,
Freelance Translator,

I hired Anastasia once in 2013 for a marketing translation project and I never regretted this decision. I really liked Anastasia's prompt services and attention to detail. I would gladly recommend her as a translation specialist.

Damir Buzikov,

I feel confident in recommending Anastasia's translating services. She is not only thorough but also easy to work with. We had an urgent need to translate our materials and we had no doubts Anastasia was the best choice. We have checked small test translations produced by fourteen different agencies and Anastasia did it best way. She is very easy to contact with via Skype or e-mail. She always meets deadline which was very critical for us because we had an exhibition event.

Ansar Sharafetdinov,

Translation within a couple of hours even despite the weekend.

Sara Maria Hasbun,
Meridian Linguistics,

Anastasia is a reliable and responsive translator, and a pleasure to work with.

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