Leading with luxury

What do luxury brands need to know about going global?

From working with the world’s elite yacht, stationery, fashion, travel, and beauty brands, I’ve learnt exactly what it takes to approach and win over loyal customers within a new market.

In this podcast, I share my insights on the key ingredients, which elite and luxury brands must consider in their approach to going global.

In the episodes, me and my renowned guests working within the global luxury industry will tackle the following questions:

      1. Which essential elements of luxury should be integrated within the product or service, e.g. a signature style, secret ingredient, or a special kind of client experience to make a brand successful across the continents?

      2. What helps to create the global success of an exclusive brand?

      3. How to approach the task of localisation within the global marketplace?

      4. What is the biggest challenge of going global for brands, which are offering exclusive goods and services?