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Whether you’re made in Paris, Milan, or Tokyo, luxury customers expect a luxury experience. That means that no matter where you’re based, your brand needs to speak directly to them. So do your words.

Each component of your brand aesthetic must align with your target audience’s culture, experiences, and expectations.

Anything less is the difference between being viewed as a luxury icon and a knockoff. If you want your latest line to find its way to a new territory, transcreation is essential.

Our team will help you slip into your target market (like you were founded there!), captivating new clients with words that were written just for them.


What is transcreation?

Transcreation (a combination of both “creative” and “translation”) is translation with a side of creativity.
It is the process of creating highly specific content which will appeal to your target audience, whilst being well positioned against local brands so that when you are ready to penetrate a new market you know your product will be well represented.

The process of creative translation is highly specialised, and often involves a great deal of research and tweaking to ensure that your message is just right for your target audience.

With some markets being surrounded with confusion and misinformation, this task is crucial for your business success.

Travel in style

Global campaigns come with one unique challenge: delivering the essence of your brand into the hands of new customers, without straying from your image.

Consistency. Precision. Creativity.

After translating and localising content for the world’s most exclusive luxury brands, we’ve learnt that the words with which you speak must be as exquisite as your brand. Not only does localisation ensure a uniform message across continents, but you will also surprise and delight customers by adeptly integrating the local nuances of their culture into your campaigns.

If you’d like a harmonious message delivered across continents and languages, our team can help. Get in touch now to discuss the possibilities.

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Designing a roadmap of your global tour

Your brand must take their breath away. Whoever, and wherever they are. But often, it’s hard to know how.

If you don’t know your audience’s history and culture, how can you best reach them, and where? Even while holding a roadmap to guide you, the experience can be overwhelming.

From having worked with countless clients on their market penetration strategy, I heard about this first-hand. These were brands who wanted to create unforgettable memories with a global audience but found themselves paralysed.

The reason? When you decide to touch down on new soil, you have no idea who can help, and you may not even know how to ask. What you need is someone to connect your hand with theirs.

With this in mind, I’ve leveraged my global network of trusted insiders, to ensure that once you have your plan, you also have an army of helpers to deliver your story across the world with the right etiquette and business practices.

Your international hub includes insiders across the European continent, in places like Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Russia, and we are ever-expanding.

So, not only will we deliver a tailored plan to infuse your brand’s most heartfelt history across the globe, but we’ll also help you connect with local experts who can take it to the right places.

If you’d like to take on a new market with the help of industry-leading insiders, get in touch now.

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