The Ins and Outs of Luxury Translations

The Ins and Outs of Luxury Translations

Over the past month, I started translating a fascinating (and deeply insightful!) book about marketing within the luxury business.

One of the key principles behind the book is that we can learn a lot from luxury brands in their approach to customers and sales, and – crucially – how the exclusivity, style, and reputation of a luxury brand can influence its customers.

Why do some brands become stars, earning a well-deserved front seat in the lives of their consumers, while others trail along hoping to catch their prospects’ eye?

As I began working on this translation I started to mull over how this question applies to the translation industry.

Being a translator, I’ve noticed a plethora of both ‘premium’ and ‘mass-market’ approaches.

Some translators charge per project, while others still count their words (or sell their hours). Each approach is highly nuanced, with its own accompanying attitude and values.

Having spent the last 5 years working with premium brands, I have come to believe that providing a translation which is as stylish and elegant as the product is completely necessary and can deeply sway the reception of any product within a new market.

The agency that translates your content must, therefore, have a depth of experience and understanding that fits the calibre of the goods!

For me, that meant designing a flawless client experience, with a very specific approach…

The first interaction

One of the greatest priorities for me as a translator has always been to create a special atmosphere within which my clients can feel privileged and understood. I want my clients to feel special – just like when you enter a boutique and see that every facet of the customer experience has been designed with you in mind. My team will be expanding in 2019 to create a boutique translation agency along this vein, with specialists who will serve luxury clients expertly in their new market penetration.

Anticipating your clients’ needs

Starting out in a new market can be nerve-wracking, so I am always keen to make the transition as seamless as possible. A translator should make time to be responsive and available to new clients and help alleviate any worries they might have. Beyond this, it is crucial to always take the time to understand their world and tailor each translation to the style of their product, building a vivid and specific picture which will resonate within their target market.

Building personal relationships

People choose people. Not prices, schedules, or perceived ‘quality’. Having built my brand on relationships, it has always been clear to me that building strong, authentic interactions with clients is crucial in helping them to stand out and building a collaboration which hits the right notes.

Creating a new world within a new market

Translation is as much transferring an idea as it is re-creating it. For a brand that wants their product to be recognised as a luxury icon, that means that every step they take within a new market must be framed by words that support their ambitions.

With this in mind, I create word glossaries and guidelines for every brand I work with. It helps the brands remain consistent, with a regularly updated style guide to help steer them in the right direction.

Which approach suits you best?

If you are looking for someone to help your premium brand spread its wings within a new market, these are just a few considerations to take into account. If you have any further questions on my approach or how it compares to mass-market translations, please feel free to get in touch! Email me or add me on LinkedIn.

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