The seamless journey from one luxury market to another

The seamless journey from one luxury market to another

Luxury isn’t just in the stitching. It’s also a state of being.

Every word, image, and memory associated with your luxury brand should deliver a specific feeling.

But when your brand goes abroad, how many of those elements are lost in translation?

A local presence commands a local experience

If you meet someone whose clothes are too big and don’t fit them properly, you will notice immediately. It’s exactly the same when taking your brand abroad.

Your new clients can sense whether you have made the effort to create a personalised experience for them, starting with the copy and ending with a localised ‘meet and greet’ campaign.

If the delivery is misshapen and fails to fit their market, they will know, and this will tarnish the rapport and intimacy of the experience.

Tailor-made experiences require a singular, artistic vision

Every agency has a style and approach of their own. When entrusting an agency with your brand, make sure they fully understand your artistic vision and have a highly focused approach that will render the same tone and authenticity across local territories.

From having worked both as a translator with multiple agencies and as the founder of an agency that brings together expert insiders from across Europe, the results are always of an entirely different calibre. My recommendation? Choose one agency to deliver a harmonious message.

Value your clientele across borders

Couture will always require a beautiful visual representation, but you mustn’t underestimate your new audience’s interest in learning about the brand behind the piece.

In many cases – and especially if you’re a newcomer within their market – your new clients will want to make a considered choice.

If you’d like to be seen as a symbol of decadence and authentic expression, this will entail an approach and representation that goes far beyond branded imagery and translated content.

Be wise about how you approach this, and with whom.

When caring for your Bugatti abroad, would you enlist a Renault dealer to ensure its upkeep?

After emerging, you must take flight…

Many brands forget that after creating a presence abroad, the onus is on them to continue to build a relationship with their new clientele.

If you plan to release all new collections internationally as they are launched, always remember to develop and continuously update a style guide, to remain close to your new clients and their preferred style of expression. This will help you build a solid communication style for each territory without losing the unique fibre of your brand personality. 

I’d love to hear from you. Which of these have you considered in your approach to globalisation?

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